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Hi There! Meet three bricks in the Wall Family: Tom, Camille, and Ashley.

Tom WallTom is a Kennesaw State University graduate in marketing who works for Intergis as a field engineer installing GPS units. He likes to create websites (like this one) on the side. Tom loves all things mechanical, and loves even more to explain how they work.

Tom loves to talk and to fix things. He enjoys life in the fast lane, driving his sports car, scaling rock faces, or riding his mountain bike. For adventure he likes to jump out of airplanes, and to relax he drinks diet Mountain Dew and hangs out at the computer. If Tom could be anywhere else, he’d be in the cockpit of a F1 or NASCAR vehicle, revving up the engine.

Camille WallCamille is working as a teacher. She sings in the Cobb Symphony Orchestra Chorus for fun. She teaches piano on the side. Camille loves all things artistic and beautiful: music, dance, visual art, theater, the outdoors, etc. She enjoys Jazzercise and jogging.

Camille loves being a mother, and loves to read and cook with Ashley. For adventure she likes to travel, and to relax she loves movies and hot chocolate. If she could be anywhere else, right now she’d be at a cabana on a tropical beach, enjoying the breezy sunset, drinking a fruity drink, and listening to music.

Ashley HartmanAshley is a Kindergartener, who thinks she is in high school. She enjoys extreme imagination. She has been planning her birthday party for months.

Ashley enjoys dancing, throwing tea parties, dressing up, and watching movies that are NOT scary. She loves playing with friends. If Ashley had magical powers she would use them to clean up the mounds of outfits that she goes through in one day. She would also keep the pool open all year long and move it to the backyard. Then, she would change every meal to dessert.

Camille has taken a job with Education 2020.
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