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Wallfamilies.com has been created to document the Wall Family history. This site will be here for family members and the world to know of the legacy that has been left by others, the legacy that is now being created, and to provide a place for our legacy to be recorded in the future.

This site also provides an easy portal for family members to stay in touch.

In a brick wall the stability and strength comes from the mortar that binds the bricks together. Like the brick wall our family gets its strength and direction from the values that are interwoven into our family like mortar.

The definition or experience below was written by a member of the Wall Family about a value or idea that has meant something in his or her life.

The Writing on the WALL
April, 13 2012
My name is Mary Sieder. My great grandmother was Margaret Wall from County Cork. She came to the US in approximately 1882 and married William Pickett. I am looking for any information regarding this family. Thank you and I'm happy to be part of this group!
March, 23 2012
Please send me ,Clarence F. Walls , a "'friend"' request on Facebook. I am 68. My father was 67 when I was born and I was left with out any family history. His name was Uey , son of John or James Walls of Morgan Cty. Alabama. My e-mail is clwallsgop@knology.net Thanks and God Bless.
March, 10 2012
My name is Ken Wall, I live in New Mexico. Trying to find out anything about my history. My father was Lewis Wall from Arkansas, my grandfather was Levy Wall from California. Have heard that our family had come here from Germany???
March, 4 2012
My name is Rose Wall and I am from Ann Arbor, MI. My father was Thomas Wall and his father was Gerald Francis (Pat) Wall from Waterford, MI.
January, 3 2012
My name is Judith Ann (Wall) Rahdert. My family is from Leavenworth County Kansas.My father was Lucien A Wall (Jr.)...son of Lucien A Wall (Sr.)..who was son of John Wall. If anyone knows about this branch of the Walls, I surely would like to hear from them.
October, 12 2011
My name is Beverly Allison (Wall) Carlson from the N.J. Wall family.
March, 17 2011
My name is Laura and my mother's maiden name is Wall. There aren't many here in Barbados, West Indies we are all related. Her father was Charles Wall who had three brothers one who is surviving. He lives in the USA his name is St.Clair Wall. We are of mixed ancestry of African and Irish.
February, 7 2011
My name is Andy Wall. I live on the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec and we have been here since 1830 after leaving Ireland due to lack of potatoes...
January, 13 2011
I am Louis Wall Merlini and I have been building a database on my Wall family for the past several years. We are Philadelphia area based since coming from Ireland in 1860. I have a pretty good database. I have 14 brothers and sisters and all of us have the middle name Wall. I\'d love to share my information as well as hopefully pick up some new information. My Great grandfather was a first cousin to Archbishop Ryan of Philadelphia back in the turn of the century 1900. I hope to hear from some WALLSSSSSSSSSSS
January, 11 2011
My name is Virginia Wall Miller from Leaksville,NC which is now Eden,NC. Having trouble finding my Wall Family from this area.
November, 25 2010
My name is Karen Wall. My people hail from the Waterford and Limerick areas. I'm glad to join the Wall group!
February, 4 2010
Hi to all the Wall families in the USA and worldwide. Have you read the book yet? Go to www.thewallfamilyinireland.com Prepare to be uplifted.

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